Steganography is the art of hiding information in plain sight, steganology is science of unearthing steganographical content. The advantage of steganography over cryptography alone is that the intended secret message does not attract attention to itself as an object of scrutiny. Oswald was adept at steganography and steganographically encoded the names of the organizations and men he was covertly associating with prior to his being framed as the patsy in the crime of the century in his address book. Using the steganological method I was able to decode the address book and crack the Oswald Code thus revealing these incriminating names for the first time.

Steganography is an ancient art and some scholars say it dates back to the Greeks. Others believe it goes back much further in time. The Torah Code is a set of secret messages allegedly steganographically encoded within the Hebrew text of The Five Books of Moses presumably by God and his Prophet Moses. Steganography was used during World War I and World War II:

In 1968 I discovered steganographic images on the cover of Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding LP. The cover contained superimposed hidden pictures. Thus were the humble beginnings of my career in stegananalysis.

Observe the gunman pointing the rifle with the light colored blade in the hat of the Native American wearing the beads? After I made this discovery I played a Bob Dylan record backwards and heard "If Mars invades us" in the song IF DOGS RUN FREE. YOU CAN HEAR IT HERE. I had discovered backward masking. I had also entered the world of audio steganographic analysis, the scheme of hiding the existence of secret information by concealing it in an audio file. In 1976 during the course of a lawsuit filed against me by E. Howard Hunt I discovered the name "Fiorini" while examing a black and white copy of the address book. When I worked for PBS Frontline I was allowed to peruse the actual address book at the National Archives. It was decades later, after I obtained a high resolution copy of Lee Harvey Oswald's address book from the Archives, that I discovered the majority of its steganological content.

Oswald hid the name "Egerter" in his address book disguised as a Russian word. How could Oswald have known the name of the CIA official who opened his 201 file if he didn't have a connection to CIA? Not only was Egerter's name in the address but her boss was there too. Ann Egerter was James Jesus Angleton's Deputy in the CI/SIG section of CIA. Counter Intelligence Special Investigations Group were charged with finding Soviet moles who had infiltrated the CIA. What was her interest in Oswald, a defector to the Soviet Union? The answer is Angleton was running Oswald in the USSR as a rogue operation. Oswald had been dispatched to supply the Sovs with the info they needed to shoot down the U-2 and sabotage an upcoming Summit meeting between the US and USSR because Angleton opposed detente. I provide volumous additional documentation of this in The Oswald Code.

The photograph that appears on the cover of the Oswald Code is enlarged below.

This researcher discovered that rolls of undeveloped Minox spy camera film were developed by the Dallas Police Department but never turned over to the Warren Commission. I filed for the photographs under FOIA and was given them by the FBI undeleted as they were of great historical interest. You can VIEW THE DOCUMENTATION in order to determine that they were taken by Oswald. One of them was a photo of Oswald taken by a fellow Marine. My guess. Gerry Patrick Hemming. Two of the photos taken by Oswald were of Gerry Patrick Hemming. In the photo Hemming is seen holding a Huk, a Philippine Communist, in a garrot. Hemming told me that when he was in Subic Bay him and Oswald went "Huk hunting." After Fidel ordered his arrest, Hemming moved from Cuba to Miami where he ran an anti-Castro organization known as INTERPEN, Intercontinental Penetration Force, to launch raids on Castro's Cuba. Frank Sturgis ran a similar operation and the two men joined forces. The word INTERPEN appears steganographically encoded in Oswald's address book.

What a fucking coincidence.


Above find morphs of three tramps picked up on a railroad boxcar about an hour after the Kennedy assassination. Thanks to digitization we can see that one of them is David Christ, a CIA TSD official who was imprisoned by Castro. Another one is Frank Fiorini Sturgis and another is E. Howard Hunt, who links to Sturgis through the Watergate break-in and anti-Castro terrorism.

The name "Fiorini" Frank Sturgis' name before he changed it appears in Oswald's address book. Here are a few comparison shots of Sturgis and the tramp some of which have been digitally enhanced to merge Frank's face with that of the tramp.

Listen to the recording my former Chief Researcher Michael Canfield made of Sturgis threatening Dick Gregory if he continued to garner publicity for the tramp shots as he had done in the past.

These are a list of the names I found stegnographically encoded after obtaining color photos from the NARA and scanning them using high res: The NOVO BROTHERS, Cuban Nazis, INTERPEN, SAM KAIL, CIA agent in US EMB Havana who played Key role in Bay Of Pigs, FRANK FIORINI STURGIS and E. HOWARD HUNT both or Watergate fame and both intimately involved in Bay of Pigs, DAVID CHRIST, a former prisoner of Castro and CIA Technical Services officer, a floor plan of GEN. WALKER's home, the words "gun 22," PEDRO DIAZ LANZ former head of Castro's air force, BERNARDO DE TORRES, former Bay of Pigs POW and head of BOP brigade, CARLOS BRINGUIER and the time and place Oswald was to confront him, ORESTES PENA who said he saw Oswald with FBI Agent WARREN C. DEBRUEYS whose name was also found. The code name of DAVID ATLEE PHILLIPS who was seen with OSWALD by Antonio Veciana. SPAS RAIKEN who met Oswald when Oswald re-defected. There was a notation when the cameras would be down at the Soviet Emb in Mex City. There were the names of CIA agents working in the USSR, Ukrainian nationalist leaders, the initials MVD and KGB and much more. I became friendly with Hemming and recall my experiences with him in the book. I am the only researcher to actually interact with the crew the killed Kennedy. Hunt sued me for exposing his involvement and I was able to depose Angleton, Helms, Barker, Marita Lorenz, Pedro Diaz Lanz, Sturgis and of course Hunt. The Oswald Code also has enhanced versions of the tramp shots and documentation about when the photos were taken.


Perhaps you have been convinced that the tramps had been identified and the men in question was not Hunt, Sturgis and Christ, but just a run of the mill bums. This is because CIA had it assets, the LaFontaines, float a false news story with the help of Oliver Buck Revel, head of the Dallas FBI office. Not a big deal compared to what they did when the late Congressman Henry Gonzalez (Dem. San Antonio TX) took up the tramp theory. Gail Beagle In the mid-1970's I worked with Congressman Gonzalez . My chief researcher, Michael Canfield, convinced him to introduce a bill to create the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Let me recall some of the strange incidents that befell him and his staff because of this. First of all, his Chief of Staff, Gail J. Beagle, (photo on left) was attacked by a gang of black thugs and beaten. She had lived in Washington D.C. for at least a decade and nothing like this had ever happened to her until she got involved with Weberman and Canfield. Nothing was stolen from her and she suffered a broken nose. Then someone helped spring Congressman Gonzalez's brother from a maximum security prison for the criminally insane. Before his recapture, a police officer was shot in the eye and another in the chest. Finally, someone took a shot at the Congressman as he was leaving a speaking engagement in San Antonio. The CIA would stop at nothing to prevent its involvement in the crime of the century from being exposed, and unlike the other Kennedy researchers who had false theories, I feel I am lucky to be alive.

So, if CIA was willing to go after a United States Congressman to keep its deep dark secrets, it should come as no surprise that the CIA had its assets file a false news story that reported that the mystery tramps, Frank Fiorini Sturgis, David Lemar Christ and E. Howard Hunt (who confessed to being part of the "Big Event" after suing me for libel for writing that he was one of the tramps) had been identified and were real tramps. Documents that I reproduce here indicate that there were 2 sets of three tramps picked up after the Big Event. VIEW DOCUMENTS HERE